Thigh Lift and Body Lift in Burbank

Surgery does not always have to be the only path toward achieving your aesthetic goals. For many patients, a non-surgical alternative to traditional plastic surgeries can deliver comparable results in a safer, less-invasive way. With a non-surgical thigh lift or body lift in Burbank, Brightcraft Aesthetics, you can give your body an enhanced aesthetic without invasive techniques.

What Is a Non-Surgical Thigh Lift?

A non-surgical thigh lift is a procedure that helps to reduce the appearance of excess skin and fat in the thighs. It uses radio frequency (RF) energy to provide tightening and toning in key areas, giving you more shapely hips, thighs, and buttocks. We recommend it as an alternative to a surgical thigh lift for patients who want to see improvements without the risks, commitment, or inconvenience of surgery.

What Is a Non-Surgical Body Lift?

A non-surgical body lift is a popular option that helps to reduce the appearance of excess skin and fat around the abdominal area. Like our thigh lift, it also uses RF energy to target trouble areas and provide tightening and toning, giving you more shapely contours in your abdomen, flanks, back, and other areas.

What Are the Treatments Like?

Our non-surgical thigh lifts and body lifts are quick, comfortable treatments that can be done in as little as 30 minutes. Many patients even prefer to combine the procedures and have them both at the same time, which usually can be done in under an hour. During your appointment, our trained technicians will use a handheld device to deliver RF energy directly to your target areas. You may experience some mild discomfort which can be alleviated with a topical anesthetic or gel prior to the treatment starting. However, in most cases, patients need no numbing at all in order to have a positive and comfortable session. After your treatment, you can typically return home or even go back to work on that same day.

What Are the Benefits of Non-Surgical Body Lifts?

Non-surgical body lifts offer a number of advantages that make them the preferred choice for many patients. They are much less invasive than surgical procedures, meaning no cuts, stitches, or scars. These treatments also require far less recovery time and have fewer risks associated with them. Additionally, non-surgical body lifts require less commitment, so you do not risk ending up with permanent results that do not match your goals.

Is a Non-Surgical Thigh or Body Lift Right for Me?

At Brightcraft Aesthetics, we offer a wide range of body contouring procedures to help our patients meet their aesthetic goals. To find out if a non-surgical thigh lift or body lift is right for you, book an appointment with us today and speak with one of our experienced technicians. We look at all the aspects of your situation and fully discuss your goals to ensure you are matched with your optimal treatment plan. Signs you may be ready for a non-surgical body lift include:

After the Treatment: When Can I See Results?

Most of our patients begin to see results in as little as one week following their treatment. However, the majority of patients can expect to see the best and most long-lasting results after 6 to 8 weeks have passed after your final treatment session. While you can benefit from only one visit, we recommend a treatment plan of 3-5 sessions for most patients to ensure they fully reach their goals. Your body will continue to improve in appearance up until this point and beyond, so it is important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is also important to avoid future weight fluctuations that can interfere with your results down the road.

Schedule Your First Session Today

Call us today or use our online form to schedule your consultation to learn more about our options for a non-surgical body lift in Burbank. Meet with one of our specialists one-on-one to get started and take the first step toward giving your body or thighs a lasting boost that brings youthful, attractive results. Contact us today to start down your path to enjoying the benefits of a non-surgical thigh lift.

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