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Neuromodulator Dysport

Have you ever heard of neuromodulators? Let’s just say that neuromodulators are kind of messengers that transmit the signals from one neuron to another and can produce lasting effects. It may either be a local release and effect only nearby neurons, or it can be wide-spread.
Even if you have never heard of neuromodulators, you surely have heard of Botox, Dysport and Xeomine which are the best-known examples of neuromodulators.


Dysport is a type of neuromodulator. It is an injection that helps to smooth the wrinkles, facial lines, giving youthful and fresh appearance. It has many similarities with Botox, anyway there are also some differences you should know about.

One of the differences is that you can see the results of Dysport earlier than in case of Botox. Commonly the effect is seen on the second day after the injection. Besides, the effects of Dysport are softer and far more natural.

The benefits of Dysport

•  Dysport is clinically proven as safe and effective
•  During the treatment only small doses are injected
•  The results are evident almost immediately

Dysport is not good for you if you have

•  Allergies (especially if you are allergic to the ingredients of the Dysport)
•  An allergy to milk
•  Allergies to Botox,  Xeomin or other kind of injections
•  Skin rush in the area you need to treat

Possible side effects

Dysport may cause a number of side effects, such as

•  Headache
•  Irritation of throat and nose
•  Nausea
•  Eye swelling