Sun Spot Treatment

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Sun Spot Treatment

While our bodies need exposure to sunlight to boost vitamin D supply, too much sunlight can cause our skin to lose its youthful glow. Patients are often surprised at how even a bit too much sun can leave a lasting impact on your skin’s health and appearance. With sun spot treatment in Burbank, Brightcraft Aesthetics is proud to offer patients a way to restore skin that has been damaged or discolored from too much sunlight.

What Are Sunspots?

Sun spots are a type of sun damage that can appear almost anywhere on the body. If any part of your skin has been exposed to too much sun, you might end up seeing sun spots there, whether it is the face, hands & arms, or the lower body. Having regular sunlight is good for you and your skin, but excessive exposure can lead to other unpleasant skin issues, such as dry skin and brown lesions. If you have sun spots that you do not enjoy seeing, sun spot treatments can help you say goodbye to them.

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What Is Sun Spot Treatment?

You may have seen creams in stores claiming to help with sun spots, but the truth is these over-the-counter options rarely provide results worth talking about. Brightcraft Aesthetics is proud to offer a proven, effective way to clear up your skin from sun damage and leave it looking younger, healthier, and rejuvenated.

Our sunspot treatment is a safe procedure that helps to remove sunspots on your face using the latest in cosmetic medical technology. Our treatment involves the use of laser technology to target pigmented cells using a variety of different wavelengths. Darker areas of the skin attract and absorb more of the laser energy, leaving the surrounding healthy tissues undamaged. Your body then uses its natural regenerative ability to replace the targeted skin with fresh, healthy cells.

Unlike creams and lotions, sun spot treatment using laser technology is fast and permanent. It corrects pigmentation irregularities and encourages new collagen growth. The results are fresher, brighter, and more toned skin, giving you a new, more radiant look.

Benefits of Laser Sun Spot Removal

Cosmetic laser treatments continue to soar in popularity, and sun spot removal is one of the best. Patients who try out this non-surgical treatment can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

How Does the Treatment Work?

After the Treatment: Recovery and Results

Some redness and swelling around the treated area are entirely normal, and it tends to fade within days after your treatment. While some initial results can be seen right away, your final results will appear gradually as your body clears away the destroyed pigmented cells. Patients can expect visible improvements after even one treatment session, but most may need a couple of visits to fully reduce or remove their sun spots and enjoy their new clear skin.

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Living with acne can be a daily struggle, so there is no time like the present to get started on achieving clearer skin. Call Brightcraft Aesthetics today or use our online form to set up your consultation for acne treatment in Burbank. You can learn more about our range of non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments and get started on your path to skin and an aesthetic you will love. Contact us today to take that first vital step in saying goodbye to struggles with acne.

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Client Testimonials

BrightCraft Aesthetics | Med Spa In Burbank

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Hasmik Manoyan
4 days ago

I got my first ever injections at BrightCraft. My nurse Lilit went over all the questions and explained how the product works and what to expect. Definitely will come back here. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Narine Makyan
3 weeks ago

Best clinic with highly qualified and friendly staff. Definitely recommend this clinic.

Cnan A
4 weeks ago

This is the best Med Spa and the best customer service around! I really appreciate the time they take with you, they are very thorough and personable. The doctor and staff are truly caring and accommodating. Great experience overall! Thank you Doctor and Elen!

Sey Araza
a month ago

First time trying laser hair removal, and been really satisfied with the experience and the results! The place is clean, the people are great, and reasonably priced. I've been coming back, and no reason not to. Recommended.

Chris Howard
a month ago

Elen is so nice and welcoming. She made my entire visit feel very comfortable and familiar. I received a HydraFacial treatment from Ruzanna, who was very helpful and kind. She walked me through each step of the process before she did it and answered any questions that I had. I'm happy with my results so far and would definitely book here again.

Talin Amadian
2 months ago

The friendliest staff and the cleanest most modern facility ever! I’ve been to numerous med spas and doctors offices in Glendale, Burbank, the valley and even the west side, but BrightCraft aesthetics is now my go-to! Their facial is beyond personalized and they also offer skin care products for you to continue effective skin care at home. I love this! Laser hair removal services are also amazing, and I’ve gotten great results in a fraction of the time, compared to other med spas. I can't wait to try the rest of their services soon. They also have plenty of parking and a very nice accessible location for easy in and out. I can’t wait to try to rest of the services they have to offer!

Debby Salazar
3 months ago

I’m so happy I found this spa early this summer because my skin has completely transformed!!! I can not stop getting comments on my skin from my family & friends and even strangers! Debbie and the team is amazing and can’t stop recommending Brightcraft to everyone!

3 months ago

Amazing staff and experience. Looking forward to my next visit. Very nice.

Toma A
3 months ago

Ninella Bogosian
4 months ago

I recently got my full skincare regiment and it is amazing! Elen was very specific and gave me great instructions on how to use the ZO Skin Health product. I’ve been using it for two weeks now and already see changes in my skin. If you ever need detailed instructions, ask for Elen. ❤️

Sarahi Garcia
4 months ago

Got hair laser done here and will be returning soon. Wonderful staff, immaculate clean and great procedure prices!! God bless them.

Elen Zakaryan
4 months ago

This place has become my go to one since they opened. Im always pleased by their great customer service and the organization they have. Elen, the receptionist always finds a time to give an appointment when I am in a rush and a true kind soul. Ruzannna on the other hand does my laser and I cannot say enough how nice and patient she is.

Hands down the best medspa I have ever walked in to! The staff is super friendly and kind and they helped me with everything I need. Very accommodating. The spa is very clean and well kept! I went in for a few laser treatments and the results I’m seeing are amazing. I highly recommend stopping by there if you’re interested in any type of medspa treatments and procedures. They also have amazing specials throughout the year so make sure to check on that as well!

Nelli Manukyan
6 months ago

I recently had a fantastic experience at BrightCraft Aesthetics for microneedling. The staff was incredibly professional, and the treatment itself was rejuvenating. My skin feels noticeably smoother and more vibrant. Highly recommend this medspa for anyone considering microneedling!

Great Experience!! I came in and tried the hydrofacials which helped with my acne/inflammation and helped create a new skincare routine. I highly recommend!

Tamara Kosyan
4 months ago

I came for a skincare consultation and I was suggested to get micro-needling. I was a bit worried at first since I have a very sensitive skin, but trust me the results are so worth it.

Juana Arevalo
4 months ago

Very clean office and friendly staff members. I was a dental patient here and decided to give the medapa a try. I just got my third micro needling session and i love the results!

Casey Zachary
4 months ago

The best service!!!! Everyone is so wonderful and my laser hair removal experience has been perfect! Can’t say enough good things!

Anna Astakhova
5 months ago

Very beautiful and clean place. Everyone is great and every staff is amazing, including all the doctors. I went through a lot of procedures throughout time and they were all amazing. Love this place and I absolutely recommend it.