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Laser treatments Candela GentleMax Pro™

The GentleMax Pro™ is one of the leading lasers in the industry and offers a vast number of treatment options. Generally, the procedure begins by numbing the skin area that will be treated.

The most prominent properties of the laser are the following:

Removal of unwanted hair on any part of the body with permanent results

Before making the final decision GentleMax Pro™ is the guarantee of a hairless and smooth skin. It is suitable and efficient for all the skin types. Moreover, GentleMax Pro™ is proved to be safe, highly effective and comfortable. Normally, it takes the patients 4-6 sessions to reach final results. However, the results also depend on the skin type and some patients may need more than 6 sessions to face the desired results.

Treatment of sun damaged skin

GentleMax Pro™ is exceedingly effective in case of sun damage. The main damaged areas are often neck, chest, arms and face. The number of sessions depends on the depth of the damage. Anyways, the results are apparent from treatment to treatment.

Keratosis or sun spots removal

With GentleMax Pro™ sun spots and keratoses are no loner a problem. They will evaporate even after the first treatment, though some patients may need more sessions for the final results. The treatment is more efficient in autumn and winter months.

Skin tightening

Skin tightening is yet another advantages of GentleMax Pro™. It is suitable for face and jawline and there is no need to numb the treated area. After the session, the patient can go back to the normal routine.

Removal of blood vessels and skin redness

GentleMax Pro™ also treats broken blood vessels and skin redness on the face. After the treatment there is a possibility of skin redness, swelling and, sometimes, even bruising. So, take into consideration, that this will take several days to heal.