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Lunchtime Hydrafacial MD

We all dream of in-depth spa facials that will bring a new breath to our skin.
Anyway, with the hectic life we are leading, sometimes it is just impossible to find enough time for beauty and self-pampering.
However, there are still many other treatments that can do as much benefit to our skin and are not that time-consuming.

And this is where lunchtime facials come to our rescue. The name alone indicates that they are quick, easy and, also, very beneficial.

Lunchtime Hydrafacial is good for a number of skin conditions, such as:

● Uneven skin tone
● Fine lines
● Acne
● Oily skin
● Dry patches

The procedure embraces four treatments into a single session:
● Exfoliation and deep cleansing
● Chemical-peel
● Extraction
● Replenishing

Your skin will appreciate your efforts!