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How Many Sessions of HydraFacial Do You Need?

No doubt, hydra facial has numerous benefits for the skin. Over the years, it has been a frontline treatment option for having and maintaining glowing skin. However, the cross-road for most people is how to plan their treatment sessions. In this article, we will review the factors to consider in choosing your treatment frequency. Here we go!

What Determines Your HydraFacial Frequency?

Quite a handful of factors determine how many hydra facial sessions you need. However, we’ve compressed them into these five points below.

•  Your Skin Type

The first trick to picking the right treatment schedule is to know your skin type. Different types have their specifics. For oily skin, it would be best to have your treatment session every two to three weeks. However, as you learn to regulate oil production in your skin, you’ll be able to eliminate excess sebum, which is a lead culprit of acne and quick aging.

On the other hand, keeping to a four-week interval would make a good fit for other skin types.

•  Acne

Acne is another factor you need to consider in planning your HydraFacial treatment frequency. If you have acne-prone skin, there is a need for more frequent HydraFacial sessions. QIn this case, don’t wait for the regular four weeks. A bi-monthly schedule will help control the acne-causing bacteria on your skin.

However, the frequency will reduce with time as your skin stabilizes. Your skincare expert will advise on the necessary adjustments as your skin needs evolve.

•  Natural Skin Cycle

The skin cells have an intrinsic cell-renewing feature every 28 days. During the cell turnover period, old cells are exchanged for new ones. Thus, reducing the effects of aging. Depending on your age, stress level, skin type, and a few other factors, there might be a decline in turnover rate. In return, skin marks and other aging results become more visible. If your skin cycle is slow, frequent exfoliating may help remedy the condition.

•  It’s Your Decision

Your HydraFacial frequency, in a sense, also answers to your preferences. If you have a busy schedule, you may want to stick to a monthly schedule or other convenient option. Some patients even go seasonal with their hydra facial sessions. They prefer to be treated during seasonal transitions like winter-spring.

•  Budget

Finally, you need to consider your budget. Other factors answer to your financial strength. Regardless of your skin needs, you cannot go beyond your financial power. You can talk to your skincare expert about your budget and ask them to suggest a schedule that fits your financial ability. You can schedule your sessions for once a month, once in six months, or once a year.

Wrap Up

The five factors above are important to choosing what frequency is required to keep your skin glowing. With the help of your dermatologist, consider your skin type, your skin cycle, acne production on your skin, your preference, and finally – your skincare budget. Your schedule frequency will affect how long the treatment effects will last.