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Four Tips to Improve Body Contouring Results

Below, we cover our top four tips to improve body contouring results.

Four Tips to Improve Body Contouring Results

Plastic surgery has made gains in the past few years with procedures that achieve many of the traditional effects of the practice without resorting to invasive medical surgery.

One example of such an advance is the set of procedures known as body contouring. In a body contouring session, various techniques are utilized in order to target stubborn pockets of fat and loose skin that might be bulging in unattractive ways.

If you’re looking to obtain a body contouring procedure for yourself, consider the following tips in order to maximize the positive results that you can obtain.

Ramp Up Exercise Before and After the Procedure

Engaging in regular exercise is never a bad idea, but it’s especially helpful to engage in prior to or after a body contouring session. This is because your physique will respond especially well to any efforts to emphasize the results of your procedure.

Engaging in activities that tone and build muscle will be rewarded heavily, and serve to enhance the results of your body-contouring sessions.

If you’ve just received a body contouring session, then you’ll want to rest for a day or two in order to allow your body to recuperate.

After that though, you’ll be able to engage in whatever activities you normally participate in, likely with renewed confidence due to the results of your procedure.

Try To Avoid Overly Salty Foods

Salt can contribute to swelling and bloating in the body. Due to this, you’ll want to attempt to avoid eating too much overly-salty food.

A salty diet can also dehydrate you, which will contradict your efforts to reduce some of the inflammation that becomes apparent in your system after the procedure (body contouring can induce short-term inflammation for a short period after its completion).

This also rings true for consuming too much alcohol, which can also contribute unwanted bloating and swelling. Most experts instead recommend packing in plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, which can help to reduce swelling and allow your system to return to equilibrium as quickly as possible.

Of course, by following a nutritious diet and exercising regularly anyways, you can help to ensure that your physical system is primed to take on whatever stress is directed its way, surgery or not.

Treat The Affected Area to Some Massage

Directly after the end of your body contouring session, your body will begin to break down some of the destroyed fat cells that the treatment targeted.

When this occurs, the body sends these destroyed cells through the lymphatic system to your liver and kidneys, which ultimately disposes of them as waste.

By employing some massage on the areas surrounding these vital organs, you can help your internal systems expedite this vital function and restore balance in your body’s ecosystem that much quicker.

In particular, by utilizing lymphatic massage, you will be able to excite your body’s lymphatic system and push out the toxic material at an expedited rate.

The Benefits of Body Contouring

Body contouring has begun to become more popular in recent years due to its ability to shape the physique in pleasing manners without having to resort to invasive surgery techniques.

Some of the benefits of a body contouring session include:

  • Reducing fat and cellulite in noticeable areas around the abdomen, thighs, and other areas
  • Stimulating the body’s natural collagen production for healthier tissues and skin
  • Providing a natural-seeming appearance with results that last for lengthy durations
  • It requires little to no downtime for recovery

For these reasons and others, it’s worth considering body contouring as your method for attaining your body sculpting needs.

After Your Procedure

Body contouring, for the most part, is minimally invasive, and you should expect very few complications from your procedure.

You may experience mild inflammation, swelling, and discomfort directly after your procedure, but these likely will subside fairly quickly.

It remains possible that depending on your expectations and needs for your aesthetic results, you will desire to return for multiple sessions. Some patients take 2-3 sessions to attain the results that they seek, and this proves considered safe and normal by the general professional medical community.

Serving Burbank’s Body Contour Needs

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