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Acne is a well-known struggle for teens, but adults can also deal with acne challenges as well. Just because we pass puberty does not always mean clear skin for life. But with the right personalized acne treatment in Burbank, you can achieve clear, beautiful skin that you will love. No more hiding, instead it is time to bring out your best self with vibrant, rejuvenated skin. Brightcraft Aesthetics is proud to offer multiple options for helping patients achieve clear skin at any point in their lives. Our location serves as a professional center for acne treatment near me in Burbank, situated centrally on N Hollywood Way near Target.

What's the Deal With Acne?

So, what is acne? Well, blocked hair follicles plugged with dead skin and oil tend to be one of the main causes of acne. While it is generally common for teens, adults also can be vulnerable to breakouts their entire lives. For many people, acne presents a constant struggle that no amount of diet or lifestyle changes can fully help. If it is serious, acne can not only affect the skin, but also cause psychological and emotional challenges and struggles. But that does not need to be the case! With professional acne treatment, you can see results that can be life-changing.

What Is the Best Acne Treatment?

There are a great many methods available to treat acne, and no shortage of products in stores that claim to help. However, it is rather difficult to find the best treatment on your own, something that matches your skin and unique situation. Sometimes, the same cream or medication can have a positive impact on others, while they can produce zero effect on you or even make acne worse.

Among the most common medications for acne treatment, specialists may recommend patients take antibiotics, medications containing retinoic acids, azelaic acid cream, and so on. But many patients need more than just medications or creams to truly see their skin shine.

Modern innovations offer a number of very effective therapies that will help you overcome your struggles with acne, reducing or removing it for clearer skin. Sometimes the treatment contains both acne therapies and medications for better results. We work closely with every one of our patients at Brightcraft Aesthetics, taking the time and care to ensure that your treatments are adapted to your unique needs.

What Acne Treatments Do We Offer?

Light therapy

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Which Treatment Is Right for Me?

Choosing your ideal acne treatment might seem overwhelming at first, with so many options available. But that is where the benefit of your personal consultation comes into play. During your one-on-one meeting with one of our specialists, we can look at your individual case and learn about your history with acne. Based on all the factors of your individual situation, we can then match you with a treatment plan built around your needs and skin type. From your skin type to your age and health, we look at every aspect to ensure you are set up with a suitable, tailored treatment.

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Living with acne can be a daily struggle, so there is no time like the present to get started on achieving clearer skin. Call Brightcraft Aesthetics today or use our online form to set up your consultation for acne treatment in Burbank. You can learn more about our range of non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments and get started on your path to skin and an aesthetic you will love. Contact us today to take that first vital step in saying goodbye to struggles with acne.

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