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Facial consultation

Do you plan to start a skin treatment? If yes, then you better start with facial consultation. Facial consultation is the first and the most important step for treatment. Before trying anything, you should, first of all, identify the needs of your skin. Maybe you mean to start a treatment that your skin does not need at all. Please don’t waste your time, money, and efforts on something that won’t benefit your skin or even may harm it. Hence, if you want to give your skin the right treatment, start with proper consultation.

Facial consultation includes the following:

Giving general information

You should first give basic information about your lifestyle, medical history, and current skincare during your consultation.

Conducting skin analysis

The specialist will examine your skin by determining its type and problems. This step helps the specialist understand your skin needs and what steps to trigger to get the best results.

Discussing the possible treatment

This step is an essential part of the consultation. After identifying the main problems of your skin, the specialist will further discuss the possible treatment options with you. Then you are welcome to choose the procedures you find the most beneficial and convenient to you.

Choosing the treatment

The consultation is done by making the final choice. Getting the specialist’s recommendations, you will pick one of the options that will ensure the best result for you. The specialist will advise you on how to prepare for the treatment, the advantages, and how your skin will benefit from it. After the facial consultation, you are ready for the following – more exciting step.